From a Logistics Hub to the European Intervention Initiative

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Début : 29 mai 2018 15:30

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he last year has witnessed numerous developments in European defence. But in discussing the EU’s role as a security actor, the first question to clarify is, do France and Germany, let alone the EU, even have common security interests? Without a common definition of strategic autonomy, how can France and Germany push Europe’s defence capability forward? Is there agreement on emancipating the EU from the US, in terms of armaments development, operational capability, or nuclear deterrence?
Having both published policy papers on European defence, the grassroots think tanks Polis180 from Berlin and Argo from Paris seek to find common ground through a roundtable discussion at IRSEM, with a variety of stakeholders from government, think tanks, academia, media, and industry. We hope to identify the most pressing challenges to deeper cooperation, and to assert what strategic goals should be set for the short- and long-term. The discussion should serve as an opportunity to bring fresh ideas into the debate, and highlight the viewpoint of the younger generation on European defence cooperation.

Our rounds of discussion will be framed by remarks from three special guests:

  • Dr. Pierre Haroche, Research Fellow in European Security, IRSEM
  • Clément Hervé, Germany analyst, French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE)
  • Dr. Barbara Kunz, Research Fellow, l'Institut français des relations internationales (IFRI)


15.30: Registration (due to security controls at IRSEM, please arrive early)
16.00: Beginning of the roundtable discussion
17.30: Closing remarks and light reception


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